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17 octobre 2004 | Imprimer cette page

Planning needed now for population boom

Planning needed now for population boom - World Bank
October 1, 2004

WASHINGTON - Ian Johnson, the World Bank’s vice president for sustainable development, said governments had to prepare now for looming social, economic and environmental pressures that come with enormous population growth.

By the middle of the century, the world population is expected to grow to 9 billion from 6 billion now, Johnson said at a news conference marking the release of a World Bank book
titled "Responsible Growth for the New Millennium."

"We are likely to see great pressure on agricultural consumption" and on the environment, he said. The world needs to think beyond the global millennium targets to cut poverty in half by 2015, he said. (...)

The building of roads, power plants, railroads and water supply systems takes time to plan, Johnson said. Scientific research is also necessary to improve agricultural output and make crops more resistant to climate change and disease.