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HealthNet is the name of SATELLIFE's global communication network, which links healthcare workers around the world via e-mail. In its early years, HealthNet utilized SATELLIFE's low- earth-orbit satellite to establish e-mail connectivity in various locations throughout Africa. As one of Africa's first e-mail networks, HealthNet was a pioneer in providing viable solutions to information poverty among health professionals in the developing world. Through this new connection, doctors, nurses, researchers, medical students and other health care providers who had been working in isolation were finally able to communicate, share experiences and access information critical to their work.

Today, SATELLIFE makes its health information resources available to all health professionals in the developing world, regardless of whether or not they obtain their e-mail connection through HealthNet. So, the meaning of "HealthNet" has come to encompass SATELLFE's information resources, as well as the e-mail technology. With over 10,000 members worldwide, HealthNet is ultimately not just about technology or content, but about a network of people working together to build healthier communities.

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Africa Learning Channel - WSF-Africare HIV/AIDS Initiative

WorldSpace Foundation (WSF) has formed a partnership with Africare to provide lifesaving information about various prevention and treatment measures than can help stem the tide of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. WorldSpace Foundation produces and broadcasts a 24-part series on HIV/AIDS on the Africa Learning Channel.

The Africa Learning Channel is a digital radio channel used by the WorldSpace Foundation to broadcast programs to more than 50 million people in Africa. (Learn more about the Africa Learning Channel on the web).

 WorldSpace Foundation began airing one-hour documentaries dealing with different aspects of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in December 2001. The documentaries focus on issues such as stigmatization of people living with AIDS, voluntary testing and counseling, sexual violence against women, children affected by AIDS, and safe sexual practices. Africare's local offices in Uganda and Zambia coordinate focused listening groups around the programming and provide local staff to facilitate discussions following each show. WorldSpace Foundation's production team then incorporates feedback from the discussions in subsequent broadcasts.

Source:  WorldSpace web site

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